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Jes Jackson is the founder and creator of Young Mums Unleashed. Jes fell pregnant with her first baby at the age of 16 and while to most her pregnancy was seen as her biggest failure, Jes whole heartedly believes her teenage pregnancy was her greatest gift that set her up for her life mission. Jes lives her life boldly and shows the non-believers that she is capable of anything despite her circumstances. Jes has gone on to establish herself as a leader within the birth and perinatal industry in Australia advocating for the rights of women and teen mums alike. 

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Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to buy a house, fall in love, walk down the aisle, pop out a few kids, study photography and start my own business.

I had aspirations. Yet society lead me to believe that by becoming a young mum my life was over and everything I dreamed of was being buried alive with me. 

The good news? I didn’t die, last time I checked I still had a pulse! I achieved all of the above and more before I was 25 years old. Want to work with me and find out how you can achieve everything you desire while still being the kickass mama you are? Check out my services page now.

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What Jes is doing for other young mums is something that I wish I had had during my own journey into motherhood at a young age.”

I just finished reading Jes’ ebook and it was so inspiring! Jes is living proof that there is nothing stopping a teen mum from being an awesome parent and pursuing her dreams too, whatever they may be.”


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